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Sui Dhaaga Made in India | Review | There are touching moments in Sui Dhaaga that are stitched together for an entertaining story

Sui Dhaaga Made in India

Cast:  Varun Dhawan & Anushka Sharma

Director: Sharat Katariya


What’s it about?

Sui Dhaaga is a story of Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma) – a small town couple struggling to make ends meet. But this doesn’t stop them from dreaming big against all odds.


Sui Dhaaga is a simple film. There are simple problems with simple solutions. But within them lies the larger fabric of this film’s narrative. Director Sharat Katariya delves into the lives of four of a family with basic existential conflicts. He uses humour to offset most of the tense situations that get progressively worse and by the end, it just gets convenient. But before Sui Dhaaga gets there, you’re regaled with some honest performances and amusing moments of day-to-day struggle.

Film’s leading man Varun Dhawan as Mauji manages to stay afloat without going over-the-top like most of his other films. He tries too hard but stays rooted to the character. On the other hand, Anushka Sharma pulls off a complex role with endearing ease. With minimal make up and stoic expressions she exudes an understated strength that is exacting. As a couple there is barely any chemistry between them, but their bond is strong.

Supporting actors like Raghubir Yadav and Abha Parmar who play Mauji’s parents add to the realism. They bring heft to not just their characters but the overall texture of the film that is woven in its rustic charm. Most of these actors get quirky lines that highlight sharp sarcasms and bring in the laughs.

There are finer moments in Sui Dhaaga that are stitched together for an entertaining screenplay. Of course, there are obvious flaws as well. The film gets way too convenient at times. This undercuts the story of struggle that the director is so keen on telling us. Even the climax is predictable and underwhelming with its over simplified execution. Some of it renders the story less believable and more cinematic.

However, on the whole Sui Dhaaga works because it doesn’t get too preachy and focuses on entertainment through its characters.

  • Ronak Kotecha

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