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Big Boss 12: Follow the rules or face the fury!

Contestants face the brunt for breaking the rules in the Bigg Boss house!

With no eviction during this Weekend Ka Vaar, the contestants are at peace as they get to spend another week in the Bigg Boss house. But the drama inside the house seems to be unending. Bigg Boss woke the contestants with the sultry song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani.’ The song denoted a huge fault made by captain Kriti, who deliberately pushed Shivashish in the pool with his mic on.

Unaware of Bigg Boss’s decision, the contestants were shown a clip featuring how each contestant had not followed the rules of the house, for example, speaking in English, not wearing mics, sleeping during the day etc.  Surprisingly, even the captains of the house had not followed the rules. Everyone was seen gleefully watching the video until Bigg Boss announced the consequence of breaking the rules. Bigg Boss also took away the privilege from the captains of being safe from the nominations. In the pugnacious best, the Khan sister fought with the captains, particularly Kriti as they were unhappy at her being elevated as captain.

As the week begins, another round of nominations awaited the contestants. Bringing in a twist, Bigg Boss announced open nominations amidst the set up of a graveyard. As a part of the task, the contestants had to pick up the wax statues of the jodi or singles and put it in a melting pot stating the reason behind nominating them. Bigg Boss also gave a special power to Kriti and Roshmi with which they could save one contestant.

With Romil – Nirmal and Karanvir already in the nomination list, which other contestant will join them for this week’s eviction?

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