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Starring: Zareen Khan, Karan Kundraa
Director: Vikram Bhatt

Review by Ronak Kotecha

What’s it about?

It's 1921 and there's a spiteful evil spirit on the loose in the UK seeking a far-fetched revenge to teach someone a lesson.


Whizzing here, whooshing there, a demonic spirit's in the air spooking a young handsome and beefy pianist (Karan Kundraa) whose music has left many enchanted in a small town in the UK of 1921.

Amidst them, he finds a damsel in distress herself (Zareen Khan) but committed to put her paramour out of his unholy misery.

This is just one aspect of the film and by no means a spoiler because director Vikram Bhatt piles this one with layer after layer of ghostly backstories stumbling out of the closest one after the other.

Ideally, 1921 is a horror, a suspense thriller, a musical and lo and behold, a cathartic love story that transcends the realms of reality (quite literally) but it's hard to feel any of it as the film relentlessly keeps looping you into a futile mix of past demons of the characters forever on SoS.

Karan Kundraa takes his role seriously and stays adequately spooked throughout, while Zareen Khan's haunting beauty makes up for the lack of conviction in her character for most part.

Haunting are the film’s melodies too, two to be precise, but at 155 minutes, ‘1921’ becomes an exhausting affair trying to scare.

All in all, a ticket to 1921 will take you to the UK of the time and if you scare easy, you’ll have a few popcorn spilling moments, not exactly spine-chilling though.

I am going with 2 stars

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